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We invited companies across the country to participate in our rigorous, nearly 90-question survey. Not every company that responded to the survey made the cut. Rankings were developed based on the answers that companies provided to questions about their recruiting of people connected to the military; company policies related to veterans, reservists and their families; and the organization's culture. Not everything listed in the chart above was considered in ranking companies, and many items not listed were considered.

Industry categories are courtesy of

Military experience instead of certification shows whether a company exempts veterans with particular work experience in the military from having to obtain some related civilian credentials.

Veterans on-boarding rates the process companies use to acclimate new veteran employees to working for the company, including orientation, training and mentorship programs. Best rating is four stars.

Company training about military rates the frequency and extent of training that company officials receive about military culture, career paths and other issues, as well as how widespread such training is within a company.

Military spouse policies rates the efforts a company makes to recruit and accommodate employees who are military spouses.

ESGR awards shows the highest award the company has received from the Defense Department's Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve national committee. Ordered from most to least selective, the awards are: Freedom, Extraordinary Employer Support, Pro Patria, Above and Beyond, Seven Seals, Patriot and Spouse Patriot.