1797: Prisoners comprising the French "Black Legion" freed in a raid land at Fishuard (Abergwaum), Wales, but end up surrendering to local Pembroke Yeomanry and are later paroled back to France.

1813: Responding to American raids across the St. Lawrence River by Maj. Benjamin Forsythe's U.S. Army troops, British Lt. Col. "Red George" MacDonnell leads a direct assault across the ice to take Ogdensburg, New York, killing 20, wounding six and capturing 70 for the loss of six dead and 44 wounded. That town is eliminated as a threat to British supply lines for the rest of the War of 1812.

1847: The Battle of Buena Vista begins as Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana leads his 15,000-strong army to engage 5,000 U.S. Army troops under Brig. Gen. Zachary Taylor.

1864: Living up to the name Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman gave him, "That Devil Forrest" (Maj. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, that is) whips a Yankee force three times his size (led by Brig.. Gen. William Sooy Smith) in the Battle of Okolona (or West Point), Mississippi, and brings Sherman's expedition into Alabama to a grinding halt.

1865: With Gen. Braxton Bragg having evacuated the last of his troops, Union forces enter and secure Wilmington, North Carolina, the last major operating Confederate seaport.

1899: Filipino Republican forces under Gen. Antonio Luna stage their first major counterattacks in an attempt to retake Manila from the U.S. Army, which ultimately fail.


The German Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine resumes unrestricted submarine warfare.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders Gen. Douglas MacArthur to leave the Philippines.


Soviet forces take Krivoi Rog.


The Official Irish Republican Army detonates a bomb at Aldershot barracks, killing seven British and injuring 19.