1389: At the Battle of Falköping, the Danes defeat King Albert of Sweden.

1525: In the Battle of Pavia, the troops of Emperor Charles V kill or wound 15,000 French and capture their king, François I.

1739: In the Battle of Karnal, the Persian ruler Nadir Shah defeats the Indian Mughal emperor, Muhammad Shah.

1779: George Rogers Clark's frontiersmen score an overlooked decisive victory of the American Revolution when they take Fort Vincennes, Indiana from the British.

1863: Maj. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest raids Brentwood, Tennessee.

1902: Boer commandos led by Jacobus Hercules de la Rey maul a British column at Yzer Spruit.

1917: The British hand U.S. ambassador Walter Hines Page the intercepted telegram from Alfred Zimmermann to Mexico, pledging to return New Mexico, Arizona and Texas to Mexico if it declares war on the United States.

1944: The 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional) under Brig. Gen. Frank D. Merrill sets out on its 1,000-mile trek through Japanese-occupied Burma, which will earn it the catchier moniker of Merrill's Marauders.

1968: U.S. Marines and Army of the Republic of Vietnam troops drive out or kill the last North Vietnamese and Viet Cong to secure the city of Hue.