1665: In the Battle of Elmina off the African Gold Coast, Dutch Vice Adm. Michael de Ruyter defeats a British fleet.

1864: After six days of assaults and 600 casualties, Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas concedes that Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's defenses are too tough to crack; he withdraws, ending the First Battle of Dalton, Georgia.

1881: In one of Britain's most humiliating defeats, Boers under Nicolas Smit drive British forces under Maj. Gen. George Pomeroy Colley from their positions atop Majuba Hill with heavy losses and subsequently force them to sign a treaty in Pretoria, recognizing the South African government.

1900: During Field Marshal Frederick S. Roberts' offensive, the Boers suffer defeat in the Battle of Pietershoogte, while Maj. Gen. John French's force intercepts and besieges Gen. Piet Cronjé's Boer army at Paardeberg, compelling Cronjé to surrender.

1942: The Battle of the Java Sea begins, which will eventually lead to the loss of 13 Dutch, American, British and Australian warships against two Japanese.

1962: Independence Palace in Saigon is bombed by 1st Lt. Pham Phu Quoc and 2nd Lt. Nguyen Van Cu, two Vietnam Air Force pilots, in an unsuccessful attempt to kill President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu, and the first American fatality in Vietnam occurs when a contractor falls from a rooftop.

1991: Kuwait is fully secured by coalition forces with the Iraqi army in full retreat, effectively ending the First Gulf War.