BEIRUT -- The al-Qaida-linked group in Syria says one of its leading members has been killed alongside his son in an airstrike in the country's north.

It was not immediately clear who was behind the airstrike Friday. The U.S. has previously targeted Fatah al-Sham Front. Russia and the Syrian government also target the group, which is one of the most powerful among Syria's insurgents. A new week-old cease-fire across Syria doesn't include Fatah al-Sham, the government says.

Younis Shoueib, also known as Abul-Hassan Taftanaz, was a leading member in the group's advisory body, or Shura Council, according to a message sent on the group's Telegram channel. He was also a group leader in the Idlib and Aleppo provinces in northern Syria, where the group has a significant presence.

Shoueib's killing comes after at least two major, as yet unclaimed, hits against the group in Idlib since Sunday, including one targeting a senior commander.