Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has continually immersed himself in his new job, which includes the oversight of America's national parks and monuments.

In fact, the Independent Journal Review reports that Zinke shoveled snow off the Lincoln Memorial steps, engaged in international sock diplomacy, rode a horse into the office on his first day and even gave a personal tour of the cathedral beneath the Lincoln Memorial to some shocked tourists.

And he isn't stopping there. The Navy SEAL joined the Maryland and Virginia chapters of Rolling Thunder in washing and scrubbing the Vietnam War Memorial. The organization's website states that its main priority is "to publicize the POW-MIA issue."

Because the memorial is so interactive, it needs to be cleaned and polished to keep it pristine — not only for tourists and visitors but for those whose names have been engraved into it.

When asked why he showed up to help wash the wall, Zinke said: "Rolling Thunder is here to wash the wall. I'm here to help them."