Air Force veteran Harold Palmquist took to the streets last year with his bike and dog, Daisy, and rode from Los Angeles to Georgia to raise awareness for homeless veterans and their struggles to keep their pets. Now, he's turning around and biking back, according to CBS 7 WSPA in North Carolina. 

Palmquist served as an aircraft armament systems specialist, but after his divorce, he found himself driving a taxi to make a living, and eventually living out of that taxi. He said he contacted homeless shelters but could not get any of them to let him keep Daisy, his best friend, with him.

"Many veterans stay in harm's way, fail to seek medical assistance and remain homeless because of the lack of support for their pet while they seek assistance," he wrote on his GoFundMe page, where he is raising money for Veterans and Their Pets, a Phoenix-based organization that provides temporary housing, veterinary care and food for animals of veterans in need, especially homeless veterans.

"They offered my dog a homeless she shelter-adoption or fostering, so my dog had a place to live and I had a place to live," Palmquist told CBS 7. "I'd be on the streets without them, so now I'm on the streets by choice in a way, and making a difference."

Eventually, Palmquist began to get back on his feet and says he wants to "return the favor" by bicycling across the country to help raise awareness. You can follow his journey on Facebook.