In the coming weeks, Military Times will launch Military Cities, a series that will help troops and families learn about their new duty station, find hidden gems and great deals, or just plan a weekend getaway.

We'll get the latest from installations, MWR offices and visitors bureaus, but there are pieces of local color that those folks can't (or won't) tell us about — and that's where you come in.

Every month, we'll be casting our net online for input from our readers on a new location. If you've lived and/or served there, we want to know one piece of advice you'd share with an incoming service member or military family.

Maybe it's the one thing they must do, or the one sight they must see before their next move. Maybe it's a prime hunting or fishing or hiking spot, or the best all-night diner. Maybe it's the military discount they can't miss, or the tourist trap the should avoid at all costs.

Whatever it is, we want to pass the tip along. Email with as much detail as possible, so we can provide your local know-how to fellow service members heading to a new home or seeking a well-deserved pleasure trip.

For our first Military city, we went straight to the top ... of the map. Almost, anyway — we want to hear from you about  ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. Send us your recommendations for inclusion in upcoming Military Times pieces in print and online.