Editor's note: Military Times will spotlight a group of GI Film Festival selections regularly in the run-up to the festival. 

The Category: Women Warriors

The Films: "After Fire," "Call Me Ma'am," "Reunion" and "This is Me."

The Breakdown:

As gender barriers fall throughout the military, more women have taken on more duties that were out of reach to their fellow female fighters in the recent past. These four films discover how these women survive and thrive in these roles, and how their fellow service members and the services themselves adjust to the new reality.

  • "After Fire" tracks female veterans in San Antonio who learn to navigate the civilian world while coping with trauma they suffered while in uniform.
  • "Call Me Ma'am" shows a female Navy officer's struggles to improve her new department and gain the respect of her sailors. A Navy veteran wrote, directed and stars in the short.
  • "Reunion" presents a female soldier attempting to reconnect with her daughter, who lives with the soldier's ex-husband and another woman.
  • "This is Me" showcases a young veteran who comes to terms with a long-held secret while in boot camp. She decides to unburden herself and deal with the aftermath.

The Trailers (where available):

After Fire Trailer

Set in the military outpost of San Antonio, Texas, AFTER FIRE highlights the challenges faced by the fastest-growing group of American veterans: women, who now account for one in five new recruits to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Call Me Ma'am Trailer

he short is a visual expression of what it was like to be a new Navy officer from a woman’s point of view. When she first shows up, she’s lost and not welcomed by her subordinates or superiors. Through hard work and dedication, she gains the respect of her crew but must still go to head to head with the tyrant that runs the department.

This Is Me Trailer

A 25-year-old veteran recalls enduring emotional and physical pain during boot camp in order to maintain a secret, which crippled and identified her existence for 17 years.

The Screenings: The films will screen at the Navy Memorial Theater on Saturday, May 27, at 12:30 p.m. Tickets for the block are available here; full-festival passes also are available.

The Rundown: For more on these films and others, visit the GI Film Festival's official site.