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Flood of Capitol riot, tribal cases swamps US prosecutors
The unprecedented investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection and court decisions giving the federal government sudden jurisdiction over crimes on more Native American lands have put enormous pressure on the Justice Department.
US naval officer sues over military transgender ban
A U.S. naval officer who is facing involuntary discharge because of a policy restricting transgender people from military service has filed a lawsuit that aims to force defense officials to allow her to continue serving.
Settlement reached in infamous ‘Norfolk 4’ case
The city of Norfolk has agreed to pay $4.9 million to four former sailors who were wrongly convicted of a woman’s rape and murder based on intimidating police interrogations. A copy of the settlement agreement for the “Norfolk Four” was obtained by The Associated Press.
'Fatal Vision' surgeon pursues appeal, insists he's innocent
For nearly 50 years, Jeffrey MacDonald has consistently denied that he brutally killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters in their North Carolina apartment. Now 73 and still behind bars, the former Army surgeon whose case has inspired books and a television miniseries is pursuing what could be one of his last opportunities to clear his name.
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