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White House seeks to move past Trump/Tillerson friction
The Trump administration sought Thursday to move past the brouhaha over Rex Tillerson’s reported insult of his boss, making clear President Donald Trump alone sets the nation’s agenda that his advisers must execute.
US renews pressure on China with an eye on North Korea threat
Less than three months after President Donald Trump and China's leader strolled the manicured lawns at Mar-a-Lago, the White House is suddenly engaged in a multipronged pressure campaign against Beijing, born of frustration with the limited results of their much-touted cooperation on ending North Korea's nuclear threat.
Trump says torture works as his government readies a review
President Donald Trump declared Wednesday he believes torture works as his administration readied a sweeping review of how America conducts the war on terror. It includes possible resumption of banned interrogation methods and reopening CIA-run "black site" prisons outside the United States.
U.S., Russian militaries sharing more information on Syria
U.S.-Russian talks on their separate fights against the Islamic State group are becoming more productive and more frequent, American officials said, with both sides trading information in real time and even outlining some of their strategic objectives in the months ahead. The progress dispels the notion that ties between the former Cold War foes are "frozen."
As Aleppo falls, Trump faces test on posture toward Russia
Aleppo's fall to Syrian government forces is shaping up as the first major test of President-elect Donald Trump's desire to cooperate with Russia, whose military support has proven pivotal in Syria's civil war. The death and destruction in the city is only renewing Democratic and Republican concern with Trump's possible new path.
Time running out, Obama has no response to Aleppo siege
With Syria's Russian-backed military appearing close to seizing total control of Aleppo, U.S. officials concede they have little to no chance of securing a diplomatic breakthrough to halt the 5½-year civil war in President Barack Obama's last weeks in office. Given Donald Trump's promises of closer cooperation with Russia, the U.S. has lost what limited leverage it had.
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