Gregory Katz, The Associated Press

  • Mr. Tom Berrisford, right, fire inspector with the 422nd Civil Engineer Squadron, instructs a group of Firefighter Challenge contestants at RAF Croughton, England, on Oct. 5, 2018. (Tech. Sgt. Brian Kimball/Air Force)
    Wrong-side drivers near air base used by American forces worry UK police

    A British police chief requested an urgent meeting with a U.S. military commander Saturday after learning of two more traffic incidents in the area where a teenage motorcyclist died in a collision with a car driven by an American diplomat's wife.

  • The British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero, which was seized by the Iran's Revolutionary Guard on Friday, was photographed in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas on Saturday. (Tasnim News Agency/via AP)
    Released audio reveals Iranian aggression in Strait

    The audio shows that a British frigate was too far away from the targeted tanker to keep it from being diverted into an Iranian port despite U.K. efforts to keep it from being boarded.

  • Maj. Gen. Christopher Ghika is the Deputy Commander-Strategy and Information (S&I) Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve. (DoD)
    Tensions over Iran show cracks in a time-tested alliance

    Gone, at least for now, are the halcyon days when strong military and political ties between Britain and the United States meant that Washington could assume it had a staunch partner for standing up to a foreign foe.

  • UK leader: Islamic extremism must be contained after attack

    Prime Minister Theresa May Sunday called for tougher measures to fight Islamic extremism after attackers using a vehicle and knives killed seven people in a busy area of London and disrupted Britain's election campaign just days before a nationwide vote.

  • Islamic State group claims deadly Manchester concert bombing

    The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Tuesday for the suicide attack at an Ariana Grande show that left 22 people dead as young concertgoers fled, some still wearing the American pop star's trademark kitten ears and holding pink balloons.

  • Missile failure off Florida? British leader won't say

    The British government is being accused of concealing the failure of an unarmed ballistic missile launch ahead of a debate in Parliament over whether to refurbish the country's aging Trident nuclear launching system.