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Syria slammed for reported use of chemical weapons
Member states of the world's chemical weapons watchdog on Monday slammed Syria for using poison gas during its civil war and for repeatedly failing to fully explain the scope of its chemical weapons program.
ICC prosecutors: U.S. forces may have committed war crimes
The chances of American servicemen being charged and sent to face justice at the International Criminal Court are remote, even if the chief prosecutor opens an investigation into alleged crimes in Afghanistan, legal experts said Tuesday.
ICC prosecutor: U.S. forces may have tortured in Afghanistan
U.S. armed forces and the CIA may have committed war crimes by torturing detainees in Afghanistan, the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor said in a report Monday, raising the possibility that American citizens could be indicted even though Washington has not joined the global court.
UN Court: No genocide in Serbia, Croatia in '90s
The United Nations' top court ruled Tuesday that Serbia and Croatia did not commit genocide against each other's people during the bloody 1990s wars sparked by the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.
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