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Poland wants Trump's vow of protection from Russian activity
Poland's government would like visiting President Donald Trump to make assurances this week that the presence of U.S. and NATO troops in Poland will continue as long as the region's security is threatened by Russia, the foreign minister said Monday.
NATO military chief: National forces are key
The upcoming NATO summit should send a message to member states that they have the responsibility to provide the first line of defense of their own countries, the alliance's top military officer said Thursday.
New NATO force trains in Poland to assure eastern flank
Thousands of NATO troops are on the move this month in Poland and the Baltic states, practicing sea landings, air lifts and assaults. The massive maneuvers on NATO's eastern flank that began in early June include the first-ever training by the new, rapid reaction "spearhead" force, and are NATO's biggest defense boost since the Cold War.
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