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  • Sources: Mattis received anonymous email in Petraeus case

    President-elect Donald Trump's choice for defense secretary was among U.S. military officials who, the FBI concluded, received anonymous emails from the woman whose affair with then-CIA director David Petraeus led to his downfall, The Associated Press has learned.

  • U.S. investigating leak related to Petraeus case

    The Defense Department is conducting a new leaks investigation related to the sex scandal that led to the resignation of former CIA Director David Petraeus, The Associated Press confirmed Monday, the same day Petraeus was meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in New York.

  • Jill Kelley publishes book on ex-CIA director David Petraeus' scandal

    Former CIA Director David Petraeus confided in an email that he had committed "something terrible and dishonorable" by having an affair with his married biographer and explained that by resigning from the CIA he could not be blackmailed, according to a new self-published book by a Florida woman caught up in the scandal.

  • FILE - In this April 23, 2015 file photo, former CIA director David Petraeus arrives for sentencing at the federal courthouse in Charlotte, N.C. The Associated Press has learned that lawyers for Scott and Jill Kelley's privacy lawsuit over leaks in the Obama administration investigation that led to the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, intend to subpoena at least two journalists to compel them to testify about their sources in the case. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone)
    Reporters face subpoenas in case over CIA head's resignation

    A couple suing over leaks in the federal investigation that led to CIA Director David Petraeus' resignation intend to subpoena at least two journalists in an attempt to compel testimony about their sources, The Associated Press has learned.