The Navy is offering $100,000 in aviation command retention bonuses to commanders who remain in the service for roughly three more years — the same deal they were offered last fiscal year.

As part of those three additional years, commanders must complete a post-command commander tour lasting between 24 and 36 months, according to a new NAVADMIN.

“Our cadre of commander (CDR) commanding officers (CO) lead our Naval Aviation Enterprise today, and they are the major commanders and flag officers of tomorrow,” the NAVADMIN said. “Their skills and leadership experience are essential to the success of the Navy.”

As a result, the retention bonus is intended to “retain those officers with the capabilities and command experience in our primary warfighting missions that are critical for the future of our service.”

Officers will receive an up-front payment of $34,000 and two subsequent annual payments of $33,000.

The Navy is offering the extra cash to active officers under an Active Component Aviation Command Retention Bonus, and reservists under a Full-Time Support Aviation Command Retention Bonus.

Those eligible must have been screened on the FY21 Aviation Command Screen Board as commanding officer of an “eligible operational, operational training or special mission CDR command in order to apply,” according to the NAVADMIN.

The retention bonus obligation will expire after 22 years of commissioned service in the Navy, the projected rotation end date for the post-command commander tour, or exactly three years upon acceptance, whatever date is latest.

Applications are open from now until Aug. 31.

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