Have you ever been so operator that you felt the need to clip your pistol to the side of your rifle?

If so, we’ve got great news for you in the form of GripShot Inc.'s eponymous GripShot device.

Shooters oftentimes find themselves having to move from their rifles to their pistols for a number of reasons. The primary weapon may have experienced a malfunction, gone black on ammo in a high-tempo situation, or the shooter might have moved into a confined space where the smaller maneuverable secondary is much more effective. However, it takes time to switch between a rifle and a pistol.

That’s exactly why transition drills are a thing.

You’ve probably seen the videos plastered across the internet where everyone from kitted-out SWAT cops to high speed/low drag military special operators pop off a few shots with an AR, then quickly draw their pistol, shoots, and then scans around quickly.

Transitions can be clunky and awkward, and sometimes -- if you do it wrong it enough -- you might find yourself briefly combat-ineffective while you struggle with moving your rifle out of the way so that it doesn’t interfere with your pistol draw and your movement.

That’s exactly what GripShot aims to eliminate with what’s essentially a rig-on-a-rig.

The GripShot device with an FN Five-seveN holstered (Photo by GripShot)
The GripShot device with an FN Five-seveN holstered (Photo by GripShot)

The GripShot product takes a standard plastic holster with rail mount, and attaches it to the side rail of a rifle facing forward. The two main variants currently offered include a BLACKHAWK Serpa holster for standard pistols, and a plastic holster for tasers such as the X26P.

When you need to swap weapons, you no longer have to drop your rifle to your side and reach down to your belt or thigh for your pistol... because it’s sitting right in front of your face within arm’s reach, with the muzzle pointed forward.

In theory, this works.

In reality... you might find yourself confronted with a few issues.

For one, the GripShot device takes up rail space and adds more weight to the front of the rifle. In tighter spaces, the position of the pistol and its added profile (jutting out from the side of the rifle even more so than an IR laser device or a flashlight) makes it fairly easy for the end-user to accidentally snag his or her weapon on something, or just have their pistol knocked free from its holster.

Additionally, a taser mount (apparently targeted towards the law enforcement market) seems almost extraneous, considering that in most situations where a cop might need to pull out an AR, taser will not cut it in terms of range or stopping capacity.

Either way, if you can get over the above problems and you have $155 to spare, you can pick up the GripShot mount off the company’s website, complete with a holster that fits the pistol (or stun gun) of your choosing.