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How do I decide whether to stick with my MOS in my civilian career?


It may help to ask yourself several questions as you begin to seek post-service employment. For example, did you enjoy the type of work you did while wearing a uniform? If you did and if there is a civilian equivalent, this may be the right choice.

An MOS translator is a helpful tool to determine which civilian positions most closely match your military occupational specialty, as well as the projected outlook on the field’s future.

Perhaps you want to change to a different civilian career from your military occupation. If you are undecided, several great tools are the Ability Profiler and the Interest Profiler, both of which are found within the O*Net Resource Center at https://www.onetcenter.org/dev_tools.html.

There are a number of free resources available to you and your spouse, but the best course of action when trying to decide is to schedule an appointment with a transition adviser. The adviser will help you determine the best civilian career for you and will guide you through a demographic search to ensure the chosen vocation is available in the location where you plan to move.

Additionally, the adviser will assist with developing a targeted resume and will even set up a mock interview to better prepare you for your new career!

―Maj. Lori E. Miller, Deputy Director Communication Strategy and Operations, MCIEAST ― Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and New River

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