Veterans’ Day, a time of remembrance and honor, now welcomes a fresh landmark event in Las Vegas: the inaugural iteration of MCON. But MCON isn’t just another gathering or convention. It’s forged from the hearts and experiences of veterans, specifically crafted for the veteran and military community.

What sets MCON apart? It’s an embodiment of the indomitable military spirit and camaraderie. Here, veterans can reconnect, sharing stories and participating in activities that reflect their unique journey. Engage in the Bow Hunting Challenge, partake in rigorous MMA workouts, and find inspiration from speakers like Nate Boyer, a veteran himself, and respected figures like Sebastian Junger, known for his deep dives into the military world.

More than just a convention, MCON seeks to empower and enrich. Created by veterans, it’s a beacon for shared experiences, education, and the strength that only a tight-knit community understands.

Whether you’re a veteran eager to foster connections or someone looking to immerse in the richness of the military experience, this guide is your compass. Explore, and discover why MCON is poised to become an unmissable Veterans’ Day tradition in Las Vegas.

Charting The Course: MCON Event Details

Mark your calendars for a transformative journey this Veterans’ Day weekend. From November 10th to the 12th, the pulse of the military community will resonate within the walls of THE EXPO AT WORLD MARKET CENTER in Las Vegas. This contemporary space, known for its dynamic events, will house the heart and soul of MCON, making it the rendezvous point for veterans and service members from across the nation.

As you make your way to the venue, you’ll be greeted with ample on-site parking, ensuring your arrival is as smooth as the rest of your MCON experience. As the lights of Las Vegas beckon and the promise of reconnection looms on the horizon, it’s essential to note a few logistical points. While MCON promises a world of memories and experiences, travel and accommodations are aspects you’ll need to plan independently. Given the buzz Las Vegas witnesses during Veterans’ Day weekend, getting your Tier 1 tickets and making arrangements early is the epitome of proper prior planning.

Every aspect of MCON, from the sessions to the challenges, is a testament to the spirit of the military community. And as you prepare to be a part of this inaugural event, know that it’s not just about the activities, but the deep-seated connections and memories you’ll forge.

Grit and Grind: Pushing the bounds of military fitness

At MCON, it’s not just about recalling the discipline and physical challenges of service—it’s about actively experiencing and embracing them again. Dive into specially curated events that celebrate both precision and endurance, all while drawing inspiration from notable figures in the military community.

Bow Hunting Challenge & Airsoft Challenge: When precision meets strategy. Whether you’re taking aim with a bow or planning your next airsoft skirmish move, these challenges serve as a testament to the focused mind and steady hand cultivated during service.

MMA Workout & Obstacle Course: Sweat, discipline, and a rekindled spirit of training. Engage in an intensive MMA session that tests both technique and mental fortitude. Follow it up with our obstacle course—a rigorous journey reminiscent of those training days where every hurdle scaled was a triumph.

Hearing from the Frontlines:

Nate Boyer: A former Green Beret turned NFL long snapper, Boyer’s journey epitomizes the transition from military discipline to civilian prowess. Listen as he delves deep into the importance of maintaining physical resilience, both in and out of uniform.

John Wayne Troxell: Experience and insight come together as Troxell, the former Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shares tales of perseverance and the indomitable spirit of the servicemember.

Erik Bartell: A testament to the adaptability of veterans, Bartell’s transition from Army officer to fitness entrepreneur sheds light on harnessing one’s military training for success in the civilian world.

Physical challenges at MCON aren’t merely exercises—they’re avenues of connection, offering shared experiences that resonate deeply with the ethos of every service member and veteran. Push your limits, reminisce, and draw inspiration from both activities and tales of unparalleled dedication.

Tactical Innovations And Timeless Traditions

The military world is in constant evolution, with advancements in tactical equipment shaping the strategies of tomorrow. Yet, amidst this modernization, the age-old traditions and lessons of discipline remain as pertinent as ever. At MCON, we blend the new with the timeless, offering attendees insights into the very heart of military tradition and innovation.

Tactical Gear Locker: Military equipment isn’t just about hardware—it’s a testament to the ever-evolving strategies and tactics that our forces employ. Dive deep into the latest advancements in gear, understanding not only their functionalities but also the strategic implications they bring to the battlefield.

Drill Instructor Throwback: There’s a universal truth known to every service member: the indelible mark of a drill instructor. This nostalgic segment is not just a throwback—it’s a tribute to the unyielding discipline instilled in every recruit and the foundation upon which a successful military career is built.

Insights from the Vanguard:

Sebastian Junger: As a renowned journalist who has covered war zones and authored seminal works on the soldier’s experience, Junger provides a unique lens into the ever-changing landscape of military strategy and its human implications.

Scott Huesing: Drawing from his experience as a Marine Corps Infantry Major and his time in the battlefront, Huesing delves into the nexus between tactical advancements and on-ground decision-making.

Michael Rodriguez: With a storied career in Special Forces and as a Presidential appointee to the National Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, Rodriguez sheds light on the crucial balance between strategy and action, highlighting the importance of adaptive thinking in dynamic scenarios.

As the world advances, so does the military. Yet, the core values of strategy, discipline, and innovation—remain steadfast. Join us at MCON as we journey through the interplay of past traditions and future innovations.

Camaraderie, Bonding, and Esprit De Corps: the Lighter Side of Service

In the military, it’s not just the missions and training that define the experience. The moments of camaraderie, shared laughs, and leisure often create the cherished memories that last us a lifetime. At MCON, we emphasize and celebrate these lighter moments that tie the military community together.

Gaming & The Roast Room: Every service member appreciates the value of downtime. Immerse yourself in captivating video games or join the lively atmosphere of the Roast Room, where camaraderie comes alive as attendees share good-natured jokes and stories.

Food Truck Chow Hall: We’re giving a nod to military dining, but with a delightful twist. Sample from an array of food trucks, indulging in flavors that cater to every taste bud—all set against the backdrop of memorable military dining moments.

Craft Drinks and Cocktails: As the day winds down, engage in some curated drink experiences. Our selection, ranging from exquisite cocktails to refreshing brews, promises to complement those shared tales of service.

Distinguished Speakers, Unforgettable Stories:

Justin Melnick: Not just recognized for his roles on military-themed television but also for his real-life experience in service, Melnick brings a unique blend of entertainment and authentic military background to MCON.

Brandt McCartney: Beyond his tenure as a dedicated Navy officer, McCartney is also celebrated for founding an entertainment platform tailored for the armed forces. His insights encompass both the discipline of service and the shared joys within the military community.

Amy Forsythe: Serving as a Marine and later transitioning to a career in journalism, Forsythe has documented and lived through numerous pivotal moments in recent military history. Her rich experiences offer a blend of frontline stories and the communal joys that define the military journey.

Beyond the uniforms, ranks, and duties, it’s the laughter, the shared stories, and the bond that truly defines us. Join us at MCON as we celebrate this legacy of togetherness.

Mental Wellness & Healing: A Journey to Your Best Self

Service and sacrifice, integral parts of the military experience, can take a toll on the strongest of minds and bodies. Recognizing and addressing this aspect is vital, both for those on active duty and veterans. MCON has dedicated a substantial portion of the event to delve deep into avenues of mental wellness and healing, understanding the importance of nurturing the mind as much as the body.

Brain Health Center: In a world where medical science and holistic approaches are merging, the realm of mental health therapies is evolving at an unprecedented pace. At the Brain Health Center, explore a variety of cutting-edge treatments and insights:

  • Dive deep into the transformative potential of psychedelic therapies and learn how they can pave the way for profound healing.
  • Discover supplements that not only boost brain function but also help in maintaining a balanced mental state.
  • Unlock secrets to boosting productivity while ensuring your mind remains in a state of well-being.

Military Spa – Rest and Recuperation: The hustle and grind of military life necessitates moments of rest and self-care. Our Military Spa is a haven of tranquility, designed specifically with the service member in mind. Indulge in treatments that rejuvenate not just the body, but also the soul, emphasizing the vital role of relaxation in overall mental health.

Voices of Experience:

Patrick J. Murphy: As the first Iraq War veteran elected to the U.S. Congress and an advocate for veterans, Murphy brings firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by service members and the significance of mental well-being in their journey.

Dr. Tiffany Tajiri: A clinical psychologist with specialized expertise in PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, Dr. Tajiri offers invaluable insights into the latest therapeutic approaches and their potential to transform lives.

Zachary Bell: A veteran who has navigated his personal journey with PTSD, Bell champions the cause of mental health awareness and highlights the importance of community support and innovative treatments.

Healing the scars, seen and unseen, is a journey of courage and persistence. Join us at MCON, where we shed light on this path, celebrating both the journey and the destination.

Stories, Art, and Experience: The Tapestry of Service

Service in the military isn’t just about the missions, the drills, or the deployments. It’s a multi-faceted journey filled with unique experiences, emotions, and connections that shape an individual’s life narrative. At MCON, we’ve curated a section dedicated to showcasing the depth and breadth of these experiences and the various forms they take.

Military Working Dog Experience: Few bonds in the field of battle are as poignant as the one between a soldier and their canine companion. Experience this unbreakable bond firsthand and delve into the mutual trust, unwavering loyalty, and the shared missions that solidify this connection. It’s a partnership based on trust, and at MCON, you’ll see just how deep that bond goes.

Veteran Art Installations: Art has an innate power to convey emotions, narrate stories, and provide a medium of self-expression. The Veteran Art Installations at MCON are more than just displays; they’re raw, unfiltered insights into the heart and soul of service. From visual artworks to immersive installations, witness the diverse and deeply personal artistic interpretations from those who’ve worn the uniform.

Conversations from the Heart:

Shanon Hampton: A veteran with a compelling story of service, resilience, and the journey to find meaning after duty. Hampton’s narrative is a testament to the human spirit and its ability to find hope amidst challenges.

Phyllis Wilson: With a storied career spanning multiple deployments, Wilson delves deep into the experiences that shaped her, underscoring the pivotal role of personal narratives in understanding one’s own journey.

Richard Casper: As a Marine veteran turned artist, Casper embodies the transformative power of art. He speaks to the therapeutic power of artistic expression, a salve for many wounds of war.

Michael Bumann: Through stories of camaraderie and the challenges of reintegration, Bumann touches upon the myriad emotions that define a veteran’s journey, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences and mutual understanding.

John Dalton: A reflection on service, sacrifice, and the moments that define a military career. Dalton brings forth tales that not only inspire but also illuminate the multifaceted nature of service.

At MCON, we believe that every story, every artwork, and every shared experience adds a stitch to the rich tapestry that defines military life. Join us to be a part of this celebration, to listen, to share, and to understand.

A Convergence of Courage, Community, and Connection

The inaugural MCON isn’t just another convention. It’s a gathering of souls bound by a shared experience, a collective history, and a common drive to enrich and uplift the military community. Every workshop, every speaker, and every event has been meticulously curated to resonate with the heartbeat of those who’ve served and their extended families.

Las Vegas may be known for its glitz, glamor, and entertainment, but come Veterans’ Day weekend, the spotlight shines brightly on the valor, resilience, and spirit of our nation’s heroes at THE EXPO AT WORLD MARKET CENTER. As the bustling streets of Las Vegas come alive, so too will the stories, passions, and pursuits of an indomitable community.

This is MCON—crafted by veterans, for veterans. An experience tailored to rejuvenate the spirit, fortify the mind, and foster bonds that transcend time and service. Whether you’re seeking camaraderie, knowledge, or just a memorable Veterans’ Day weekend, MCON promises an experience that will leave a lasting imprint on your heart.

We look forward to uniting, celebrating, and forging new memories. Join us, be part of this groundbreaking moment, and let’s make history together.