Supreme Court rejects bid to overturn prohibition on military malpractice cases
Justice Clarence Thomas blasted the decision as a mistake by the courts that deprives service members of justice.
White House considers pardons for troops facing war crime accusations
President Donald Trump may grant clemency to the service members as early as this weekend, to mark Memorial Day.
Iraqi Shiite figures warn US-Iran war could ‘burn’ Iraq
On Monday, two influential Shiite clerics and a leading politician — all with close ties to Iran — warned that Iraq could once again get caught in the middle of any conflict.
Air Force trains to defeat enemy air defenses 50 miles south of the Arctic Circle
The U.S. Air Force dispatched fighters and tankers to Kallax Air Base, in Lulea, Sweden, late last week to participate in an air exercise aimed at defeating enemy air defenses.
Rocket attack hits near US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone
A rocket was fired into the Iraqi capital's heavily fortified Green Zone Sunday night, landing less than a mile from the sprawling U.S. Embassy, an Iraqi military spokesman said.
US conducts Navy exercises in Arabian Sea
The U.S. Navy says it has conducted exercises in the Arabian Sea with a carrier strike group ordered to the Persian Gulf to counter an unspecified threat from Iran.
Boot camp revives the lost art of letter writing
Founded in 2015 by a Marine Corps veteran, a free app lets subscribers write a letter and attach a photo, which will be delivered in hard-copy form to the recruit, along with an addressed envelope to the sender and a stamp.
Historian works to ‘humanize those enslaved’ at Fort Monroe
A trove of historical records tells us Fort Monroe in Hampton was built on the backs of thousands of African slaves.
Once again, Iraq caught up in tensions between US and Iran
When U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sat down with Iraqi officials in Baghdad last week as tensions mounted between America and Iran, he delivered a nuanced message: If you’re not going to stand with us, stand aside.
Col. Ned Stark on his provocative columns: 'I had no idea I was setting off a powderkeg’
"I had no idea the scope and the intensity that this would bring.”
Male sailors created ‘rape lists’ of female shipmates on Georgia-based submarine
Recent reports cite a Navy investigation uncovering "rape lists" onboard the guided-missile submarine Florida.
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