He died trying to save his fellow shipmates.
The memorial in Washington, D.C., is planned for completion in 2020.
Investigators: Dover mortuary supervisor's behavior was inappropriate around some fallen service members' remains.
Now that women in the Navy can wear ponytails, men want beards.
Haeder Al Anbki was all set to become a U.S. citizen last year.
The aid is in sharp contrast to Trump's comments this week that the U.S. may not honor defense commitments.
The Air Force is facing challenges in providing mission-capable F-22s and the pilots necessary to fly them.
A couple top international club teams will be playing in San Diego on July 25.
The invitation came out Thursday as the president defended his performance at the summit early in the week.
The ability to distort the truth is expected to reach new heights with the development of so-called “deep fake" technology: manufactured audio recordings and video footage that could fool even digital forensic experts.
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