This is what Mattis will be up to post-Trump administration
Mattis' new role includes writing about domestic and international security policy, as well as participating in military and national security events in California and Washington.
Here is the Pentagon’s list of construction projects that could be cut to fund a border wall
Not every project on the list would be cut, under the Pentagon's proposed rules
Once again, the US Navy looks to scrap its largest combatants to save money
The U.S. Navy has once again targeted its cruisers for the budget ax.
DoD requests almost $23B for key intel account
The Pentagon wants to increase its secretive black budget for intelligence programs for a fifth straight year.
Floodwaters overwhelm one-third of Offutt; nine aircraft evacuated
Only mission-essential personnel are working at the Nebraska base, which also hosts U.S. Strategic Command, and nine aircraft, including RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance planes, have been evacuated.
Airman killed trying to stop armed robbery
Senior Airman Shawn McKeough Jr., 23, assigned to Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, was gunned down late Friday night when he tried to stop an armed robbery.
VA’s caregiver program losing top official at a critical moment
Veterans groups worry that a planned expansion of the caregiver stipend set for this fall may be delayed.
2020 hopeful Gabbard calls for end of ‘wasteful’ wars
Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard says her top priorities if she’s elected to the White House in 2020 would be to end military action in countries such as Iraq and Syria and to de-escalate tensions with nuclear-armed countries like Russia and China.
US military presence in Syria is ‘illegitimate,’ says defense minister
Syria’s defense minister on Monday slammed what he called the “illegitimate” U.S. military presence in his country, vowing that Damascus has a right to self-defense, while Iraq said a border crossing with Syria will open in the coming days.
This is what the 7th Fleet’s Sawyer had to say about China
His words echo recent concerns voiced by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Spying for China: Former US intel officer, Army vet pleads guilty to attempted espionage
Ron Rockwell Hansen, 59, was arrested by the FBI in June as he was trying to board a flight for China.
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