The task force is using a variety of methods, including big data and analytics, to find the best troops for the close combat force.
The US is currently building an Aegis Ashore base near the Baltic Sea coast.
The two trailblazing pilots became the first married couple to pilot the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.
Navy officials have identified the sailor killed onboard the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush on Monday.
The MRZR counter-drone system can blast drones from the sky with electronic attack.
The potentially explosive report will rank individual military installations and ships based on the likelihood that troops may experience sexual assault there.
The report comes out as the Trump administration is taking a tougher stance against Iran.
VA facilities in the path of the storm escaped major damage, but still must wait before patients return after thousands of appointments were cancelled.
The two Koreas agreed to set up buffer zones, no-fly zone on border to reduce military tensions.
The Air Force is making its case for the biggest expansion since the end of the Cold War — swelling its number of operational squadrons by 24 percent, from 312 to 386 by the end of 2030.But getting there will be tricky — not only financially, but also logistically.
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