A new Military Times poll shows that troops today are evenly split in their views about President Trump.
President Donald Trump got a bird’s-eye view Monday of Florida communities left in ruins by Hurricane Michael, including Tyndall Air Base in Panama City.
The Air Force’s top leadership said Sunday evening that F-22s that remained behind at Tyndall Air Force Base when Hurricane Michael struck were not as badly damaged as originally feared.
Is Trump signaling to 'Mad Dog' that he's open to change in the top DoD post?
Around 80 percent of F-35 jets have been cleared of an issue that grounded the fleet last week.
Mattis responds to Trump's comment that the Defense Secretary is 'sort of a Democrat."
A mechanic with the Belgian air force was servicing an aircraft when he accidentally opened fire on another F-16 jet fighter sitting on the tarmac, destroying it.
The crew ended up putting the whole set on gimbals to simulate dives and surfacing after three days at sea with the Houston.
Dozens of attendees at Busch Gardens Williamsburg were taken on a very different roller coaster ride Friday night thanks to an unruly Navy man.
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