Homeland missile defense system takes out ICBM threat in historic salvo test
The Missile Defense Agency conducts historic salvo test of its Ground-based Midcourse Defense System with success today in the Pacific, the agency has announced.
Memo: Pentagon delivers reprogramming request, seeks supplemental for $9 billion hurricane damage
A new memo from Acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan shows the department plans to go to Congress for special repair funding.
Why did a Coast Guard cutter take a jab at China?
The cutter Bertholf had been patrolling the East China Sea to enforce UN sanctions against North Korea.
Russia sends troops to Venezuela, a move Pompeo says increases tensions
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told the Russian foreign minister that Russia’s dispatch of military personnel to Venezuela is increasing tensions there.
Military shooters from all over fired in spec ops sniper competition. Here’s who won.
The Army's competition hosted teams of snipers from other services and other countries.
Sec. Wilson: Air Force will rebuild flooded Offutt, make it ‘even better than it was’
“Mother Nature can’t beat the 55th Wing.”
US-backed Kurdish fighters want international tribunal for ISIS detainees
The U.S-backed Syrian fighters who drove the Islamic State from its last strongholds called Monday for an international tribunal to prosecute hundreds of foreigners rounded up in the nearly five-year campaign against the extremist group.
Pease’s last KC-135 tanker departs New Hampshire National Guard base
The new KC-46A Pegasus air refueling tanker is arriving later this year.
No new job field for future amphibious combat vehicle crewmen
Don’t expect a new occupational specialty for learning to crew the vehicle.
Why McSally is right, and wrong, about military sexual assaults
Sen. Martha McSally's belief that commanders should remain at the center of the solution to sexual assault in the military is unfounded.
This Army vet is down over 25 pounds using a beer-only diet for Lent
As of day 18 of the fast, he is down over 25 pounds.
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