Report: Petty officer’s missing daughter wandered apartment complex ‘looking for my momma’
Navy Times made the booking records for Information Systems Technician 1st Class Brianna Shontae Williams available to you.
Virginia police hunt Marine deserter wanted in murder case, Roanoke schools closed
Authorities closed all the city schools in Roanoke, Virginia, Thursday and warned people to lock their doors.
Why the deeper, lasting costs of war are not reflected just in dollars and body counts
Researchers looked at the effects of the current wars both abroad and at home.
Senators ramp up pressure on proposed Agent Orange presumptive conditions
Democrats took to the floor of the Senate Wednesday to press for a decision on new Agent Orange presumptives.
Esper says US forces combating ISIS in Libya ‘continue to mow the lawn’
The 5-inch gun aboard the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Carney lobbed nearly 285 rounds during the operation to wrest Sirte from ISIS’ grasp.
Fort Carson soldier charged with manslaughter in death of fellow infantryman
A Fort Carson soldier was shot and killed in his apartment on Oct. 27 when a fellow soldier was allegedly mishandling a firearm.
New K-9 legislation would provide federal funding for retired military working dogs’ medical expenses
The grant program is designed to cover costs incurred from veterinarian appointments, medical procedures, diagnostic tests and medications.
VA to launch research initiative on toxic exposures
The Department of Veterans Affairs plans to study military environmental exposures and their effects on veterans.
Push to limit for-profit college’s access to GI Bill benefits gets new boost
A bipartisan bill to change the "90/10 rule" regarding federal education funding has advocates optimistic, despite lingering challenges.
Here’s how veterans stack up financially, compared to their non-veteran peers
Black veterans fare better financially than white veterans, researchers find.
WWII vet, 100, takes to Reddit to answers questions
Despite his service in WWII, Welch said the most “tense” moment of his life was when he tied the knot.
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