Binge drinking, vaping.... these are just a few of the problems brewing in the military, according to a just-released study.
Vets are getting letters on how to get money back from taxes on their disability severance pay.
This "line-of-sight solution" weighs only 7 pounds.
The Air Force's new dress regulations allow female airmen to wear their hair in locs and male airmen to wear earrings while off-duty on military installations.
After several false starts, U.S. officials are hopeful work to bring the remains of fallen troops home will happen soon.
The nation’s newest aircraft carrier returned to a Virginia shipyard Sunday for a year of planned upgrades and fixes, marking the next phase in the development of the Navy’s most advanced and scrutinized warship.
A Navy rule change that lets servicewomen wear ponytails and other longer hairstyles won’t apply to the U.S. Naval Academy.
Officials confirmed it's part of the Foreign Military Sales program but didn't say where it's going.
The Army Training and Doctrine Command's "Mad Scientist" initiative focused on virtual reality training, cyber attacks, sensors and more.
American Legion officials say more work must be done to address the problem of suicide. Twenty veterans a day across the country take their own lives.
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