Some American troops may stay in Syria to guard oil fields, Esper says
The U.S. may leave some forces in Syria to secure oil fields and make sure they don’t fall into the hands of a resurgent Islamic State, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Monday, even though President Donald Trump has insisted he is pulling troops out of the country and getting out of “endless wars.”
This commission wants to hear your uncensored concerns about military aviation safety
Their report on the state of aviation safety in the military is due next year.
Silent protest? Withdrawing US soldier seen wearing previously banned Kurdish militia patch
It’s common for U.S. special operators to don patches of partner forces. But in 2016, American military commanders banned the wear of YPG and YPJ patches after Turkey became outraged following the circulation of photos of American commandos brandishing the patches.
NCIS: Drug ring’s tentacles reached at least 48 service members
The sailors bought cocaine, LSD and other drugs from two petty officers moonlighting as drug dealers.
‘Call your mom’ and other life wisdom shared by Marine Medal of Honor recipient in new book
“Everyone physically, mentally or emotionally can relate to struggle."
US military convoy withdrawing from Syria pelted with garbage by angry residents
Departing U.S. troops from Syria just cross the border into Iraq Monday.
After courts-martial dropped for swim team members, Air Force Academy cadets fight expulsions
Two years after what Air Force Academy leaders call a hazing incident on the school’s swimming team, three cadets are still fighting to become officers after administrative expulsions followed the school dropping criminal charges.
3 Fort Stewart soldiers died when vehicle fell from bridge during training, general says
Soldiers were training in darkness when their armored vehicle fell from a bridge and landed upside down in water below, killing three of those inside and injuring three others, the commanding general of Fort Stewart said Monday.
Brett McGurk warns that ISIS threats are likely to reemerge
“I think the ability of the United States to hold the SDF intact, which is critical to mitigating the risk of an ISIS resurgence, is draining by the day,” McGurk said.
A veteran’s perspective on Syria: A letter to our leadership
This is a case when service members deserve a private conversation with leaders without fear of reprisal, an officer says.
Congressional leaders travel to Afghanistan amid uncertainty over troop deployments overseas
The trip coincided with a congressional delegation visit to Jordan to discuss regional instability.
More questions answered as installations get ready for the potential 3 million extra shoppers
Front gate scanners are ready for the extra people eligible to shop at military stores starting Jan. 1, officials say.
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