US special operations soldier injured, French troop killed in car crash in Africa
American and French special operations troops were involved in a vehicle accident in Niger late Saturday evening that left one French service member dead.
3rd Cavalry Regiment soldiers are firing intense artillery missions into Syria with Iraqi, French allies
Though numbers were not released, the task force commander called the artillery fire support missions some of the most intense he'd seen.
Thanksgiving weekend liberty held hostage over Marine video posted to Terminal Lance
A battalion commander recently attempted to withhold his unit’s Thanksgiving weekend liberty due to a video posted to the Terminal Lance Instagram page.
The VA actually spent money — and years — on a scientific study to tell us daily drinking is unhealthy
Money well spent by the VA, the oft-criticized organization that makes paying veterans what they’re owed for disabilities, education and housing appear as laborious as Thanos' quest to amass all six Infinity Stones.
Military units to reunite for mental health support in new VA pilot to prevent suicide
The program, dubbed Operation Resilience, will focus on troops who saw heavy casualties in combat or high-rates of suicide at home.
Travis psychologist sexually assaulted patients, who were recovering from sexual trauma
Three women, all Air Force officers, came to him for help treating their past sexual assault trauma. Instead, a jury found, he manipulated them, abused their trust and sexually assaulted them -- and said it was part of their therapy.
5 things to know about Guantanamo Bay on its 115th birthday
Dozens of detainees remain at "Gitmo" and President Trump has ordered that it remain open indefinitely.
Happy holidays, Seaman Timmy! No more confinement on bread and water for you
The arcane punishment will be banned under military justice reforms that will go into effect on Jan. 1.
US military returns 3 disputed bells taken from Philippines as spoils of war
American troops took the bells in 1901 after machete-wielding Filipinos killed 48 U.S. troops in one of the U.S. Army's worst single-battle losses of that era.
US Navy, Missile Defense Agency shoot down an intermediate-range ballistic missile in space
The test marked the second consecutive successful intercept for the SM-3 Block IIA missile in development. The intercept followed an October success, which shook off two hard-luck consecutive failures.
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