US to bill Saudi Arabia, UAE $331M for Yemen refueling
The Pentagon announced it will bill Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates $331 million after undercharging the two countries for U.S. aerial refueling of their aircraft in the Yemen civil war.
These soldiers bought tickets to fly home for Christmas. Then their leave was canceled.
A brigade of soldiers deployed to Eastern Europe are having to cancel holiday travel plans after their leave requests were denied.
Montana Jody moved in to a deployed service member’s home, sold his stuff to buy meth
It's evidently not enough to have to worry about Jody stealing just your gal anymore.
Former Green Beret major faces murder charge for 2010 Afghanistan incident
Maj. Matthew Golsteyn was recalled to active duty after being in an administrative status for more than a year to face the charge.
Trump’s 10 ‘terrorists’: Where are they?
U.S. should worry more about Canada than Mexico when building walls, government reports show.
Langley Air Force Base secretary faked payroll for 17 years, giving herself an extra $1.46 million
A former secretary at Langley Air Force Base has pleaded guilty to bilking the government out of nearly $1.5 million over 17 years.
VA hospitals often the best option for medical care, study finds
But VA officials insist the research does not undermine their efforts to expand vets' access to private-sector medical options.
Shipwreck mystery: What happened to this US warship that sank in WWI?
Scientists scour the site to find what could have sunk the vessel in just 20 minutes.
Negotiations yet to begin on return of US Korean War remains, Pentagon agency says
Months after the White House raised hopes for bringing home thousands of U.S. battlefield remains from North Korea, the returns have stalled. Detailed negotiations on future recovery arrangements have not even begun.
Navy kicking out four petty officers accused of barracks sex crimes with a child
The commander of Submarine Group 9 in Washington state opted to give the sailors non-judicial punishment and administrative separation because there was insufficient evidence to prove the petty officers knew the victim was underage, officials said.
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