The Marine Corps will resume conducting its physical fitness and combat fitness tests nearly five months after putting a halt on the assessments to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David Berger ordered an end to the fitness tests April 21 after first balking at the idea of ending the testing program due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our fitness to fight remains a priority, and I expect each of us to continue to maintain our fighting condition,” the top Devil Dog said in a tweet when he announced a cancellation to the test.

Marines will have until the end of CFT season in December to complete the test, which will be entered into the Marine Corps Training Information Management System as normal, a Tuesday MARADMIN said.

Marines who failed the PFT before the April pause will have 90 days to complete the assessment, the MARADMIN said.

All the PFTs that happen within the 90 days will be recorded as taking place on June 30, 2020, the normal end to the Marine Corps' PFT season, according to the MARADMIN.

The score will also be based on the age the Marine was on June 30, the message reads.

“Commanders shall track promotion requirements for Marines who take the PFT effective 30 June 2020 in order to request a re-computed composite score and remedial promotion, if applicable,” it adds.

Along with the resumption of the two fitness assessments, the Marine Corps will resume taping some Marines to ensure they fit within the Corps' body composition standards.

Marines who were unable to be taped during the COVID-19 pause have until Sept. 30 to be measured, and unlike the PFT the results will be recorded on the day they are conducted, the MARADMIN reads.

For reserve Marines who require to be taped but are in a travel restricted location the requirement has been delayed until they are able to safely travel, according to the MARADMIN.

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