Lightforce USA has released a new line of rectangular LED vehicle lights called the Striker, and they’re available in an IR version as well.

Striker lights, which are as suitable for military/first responder use as they are for doorkicking surfers, are built in Australia with IP68 and IP69k ingress protection to withstand water crossings or inclement weather. They feature reduced radio interference technology, a range of modular filters to match a wide range of driving conditions, and ship with a DIY installation kit that features a complete wiring harness, plug-and-play adapters for headlight high beams, dashboard switch, all necessary consumables, and individually labeled wires.

Says Lightforce:

“With a stylish rectangular form factor for a cool look on any 4X4, SUV or ute, and great all-round performance, Australian-made Striker LEDs are the latest Driving Lights from the leader in performance lighting. The rectangular look is back in style, and the smooth lines of the Striker LED make this a perfect choice when you want something different to round driving lights and LED Bars.”

A pair of Striker LEDs come with a complete DIY Installation Kit. You get a complete wiring harness, plug-and-play adaptors for your headlight’s high beam, a dashboard switch and all the consumables for the install. For the first time on a driving harness, all the wires are individually labelled so you can’t go wrong. Simple user instructions are included, and we have produced videos of installations onto different vehicles..

With 15 high-quality LumiLED LEDs, these Driving Lights are designed to perform to our consistently high standards. Their IP68 and IP69k ingress protection rating means they can handle a creek crossing and a high pressure washdown after an adventure.

With reduced radio interference technology included, you can listen to the radio without static. And a range of modular Striker LED filters lets you modify the lights to suit your driving conditions.


Striker lights reach out a great distance, allowing you to see or establish/penetrate a photonic barrier depending on your need, as you can see by these numbers:

●Distance: 1 lux at 754m

●Distance: 0.25 lux at 1508m

●Effective Lumens: 3466

●Raw Lumens: 5625

●Colour Temperature: 5000K

●CRI: 70

●Current Draw: 8.8Amps @ 13.2V

●Voltage Range: 10V - 36V DC

●Wattage: 60W (Each)

●Ingress Protection Rating: IP68, IP69K

●Weight: 1Kg (Including Mounts)

Lightforce USA is on Facebook [] and Instagram [].

As you can see in these videos, and read in various reviews, Lightforce has a reputation for rugged construction. That doesn’t mean you should go full smash-and-crash Mad Max with them, but it’s good to know they will withstand punishment. More about the Striker series at:

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