Heat is a much-beloved classic crime film, best known its most pivotal scene: where Robert De Niro's crew of bank robbers and the LAPD headed by Al Pachino have a massive shootout in Downtown Los Angeles.

This scene prominently features the Colt 733, which inspired Noveske Rifleworks and Dead Air Armament to partner up and “master the art of the Colt 733 portrayed in the film”.

The result of this collaboration is the Dead Air + Noveske “Heat Model” Colt 733 Enhanced Clone Package. Available in extremely limited numbers, the “Heat Model” Colt 733 starts with a Noveske / Dead Air Gen 1 lower receiver, with a prominent rollmark that consists of a combination of both companies’ logos.

The upper receiver is a Noveske A1E1 carry handle receiver with shell deflector. Both the upper and lower receiver are coated in a durable Elite Smoke Cerakote finish. Accessory-wise, the “Heat Model” 733 features an A2 pistol grip, GI charging handle, and carbine-length M4 handguard.

The collapsible stock is a CAR 15-style aluminum stock, with a Graphite Black Cerakote finish. Rounding out the “Heat Model” 733 is a 5.56mm, 11.5″ light commando profile barrel, with a Forward Controls Design 6315KM 1/2x28 flash hider.

This particular flash hider is compatible with Dead Air’s Sandman-K suppressor, which comes with the package. The Sandman-K included with the “Heat Model” 733 features the same combination logo as the rifle itself, and both the rifle and suppressor have matching serial numbers.

The Dead Air + Noveske “Heat Model” Colt 733 Enhanced Clone package is currently up for sale for $2995 - plus $400 for the two tax stamps the short barrel and suppressor bring.

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