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A love letter to my dearest Woobie

Beloved Woobie,

As I lay here in bed, my thoughts are with you.

I feel so guilty because my wife is mere inches away, but I must admit she does not, and will never, cannot ever, warm my soul the way you once did.

In truth, there is no place I’d rather be than in your tender embrace. When we are not asleep together, I lie awake wondering if you think of me as often as I think of you. Once my eyes close, I often find myself dreaming about our time together — tormented by the thought that you are no longer a fixture in my bed.

I sleep best when I sleep in your arms. You were my singular comfort as war raged all around me. There was no greater love than the one you showed me when I was at my lowest point, in need of shelter from the worst trials humanity had to offer. We went to hell and back together, and no words can ever express the depth of my gratitude for having had you by my side.

Each day, I reminisce fondly on the warmth of your touch. You are the shelter I seek in the storm and the fire that warms my heart in the cold winter months. I love you.

Eternally yours,

A humble soldier

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