A Kansas City man who participated in 2021′s riot at the U.S. Capitol was sentenced Wednesday to home detention and probation.

Carey Jon Walden was sentenced to 30 days of home detention, three years’ probation, 60 hours of community service and a $500 fine after pleading guilty to one misdemeanor, The Kansas City Star reported.

“I didn’t see a lot (of) what I saw on TV when I was there,” Walden told the judge just before his sentencing. “It was a terrible day, and I’m really ashamed of myself that I was a part of that.”

U.S District Judge Dabney Friedrich noted the Walden did not injure anyone, damage property, carry weapons or help plan the events on Jan. 6, 2021.

But she said that “he was a willing participant in a riot, or an insurrection, that undermined our democratic electoral process and values.”

Walden, a Navy and Marine Corps veteran, pleaded guilty to parading, demonstrating or picketing in any of the Capitol buildings.

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