Transitioning out of the military and into civilian life can be daunting. Apart from other decisions such as where to live or whether or not to go to school, finding a fitting job after leaving the military can prove intimidating. But there are several options for those transitioning from active duty to build meaningful, long careers in professions where they can thrive. With national Hire a Veteran Day arriving on July 25, this list, based on information from Navy Federal Credit Union in collaboration with Helping Heroes, explores the top four industries for veterans.


Military training can provide a huge advantage for those looking to go into the healthcare field, which is the top profession for veterans. Veterans’ skills in leadership, problem-solving and the ability to work under pressure can make them great candidates for healthcare careers, according to the American Hospital Association. Even if a veteran did not necessarily work on anything medical-related while serving, a post-military career in healthcare can allow them to utilize other essential skills, such as hospital operations and logistics, administration or medical research.

Government and Public Administration

Veterans make up nearly 22 percent of government workers, according to the most recent available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs in federal, state or local government can help provide a number of benefits to veterans, including a good salary and flexible working hours. Also, the federal government is required to give certain veterans preference when applying for jobs, providing more advantages for veterans looking for work in the government. There are also some great resources for veterans to get started looking for federal jobs.

Defense Contracting

Defense contracting is one of the most popular careers for veterans, especially among those under 45. Careers in defense contracting are often related to the military, giving some veterans a leg up thanks to existing skills and training. Defense contracting jobs typically have good starting salaries and offer various position levels such as analyst, intelligence specialist and quality assurance manager.

Information Technology

Careers in information technology are well-suited to veterans, especially those who have experience or are interested in cyber security and data. A 2013 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the technology field was growing rapidly, especially as advanced technology and cyberattacks became more common, meaning there’s plenty of room for upward mobility. Some popular jobs in the IT field include data analyst, information security analyst and project manager.

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