The Navy has opened up another front against the Islamic State group, this time launching jets from the Truman carrier strike group in the Mediterranean loaded with bombs to drop on Iraq and Syria.

The carrier's air wing flew multiple sorties on Friday, according to a Navy release, a day after crossing the Suez Canal on its way home from a rotation in the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

"The ability to conduct sustained operations, from one region to the next, is a demonstration of the U.S. Navy's flexibility and capability," Rear Adm. Bret Batchelder, the strike group's boss, said in the release. "We go where our nation most needs us, anywhere on the globe, and we don't need a permission slip."

The trip through the Mediterranean is the carrier's latest leg on a seven-month deployment — which was recently extended by  a month  — that included 1,407 sorties and 1,110 missiles launched by Carrier Air Wing 7.

Truman, which is accompanied by the cruiser Anzio and the destroyers Bulkeley, Gonzalez and Graveley, is operating in the Mediterranean to support strikes against ISIS and demonstrate the strike group's ability to operate from 6th Fleet.

"While the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group is in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations, they continue to project power ashore against terrorists and violent extremists," Vice Adm. James Foggo, 6th Fleet's commander, said in the release. "This exemplifies our Navy's mobility, flexibility and adaptability, as well as our commitment to execute a full range of military operations in concert with our indispensable European allies and partners."

The carrier is due to head home to Norfolk following its stint in the Med, according to the release.