The current veteran unemployment rate was 2.9% as of March 2019 – the lowest it’s been in the month of March since 2000. Still, finding a job and staying at a job are two different things. One thing that keeps individuals at their job is simple: purpose.

When transitioning from the fast paced and sometimes life-or-death stakes of active duty, many service members find that their secular job may lack a clear purpose. This is not the case with Jamie Phillips, the Food & Beverage Manager at IHG® Army Hotels on Fort Benning. He reflects, “When I first got out, I felt helpless. Like I wasn’t able to contribute to the guys that I left. So not just them, but any soldier that I can help makes me feel a little bit better about myself and makes me feel like I’m doing something positive.”

He is one of many former service members and military family relatives that work at IHG® Army Hotels on over 40 Army installations across the country. Working there gives these veterans the opportunity to translate their former experience into a rewarding career and stay connected to the military community, as most of their guests are military members and families.

In fact, IHG® as a whole has made an effort to connect veterans with potential career opportunities including a website designed to make the job search easier – This site makes searching for jobs easy, as postings can be looked up by location, position, and key words such as comparable military rank and position.

Having these former soldiers and military family members who understand the unique needs of their guests has a real impact, and it makes sense. The transition from service to one’s country to service to others is a natural progression for many military members and their families and finding that passion can turn a job into a career. Just ask Trudy Rudolf, military spouse and Executive Housekeeper. “It’s not just a job for me. You can move up, and you can go higher with IHG®.”

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