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May 9, 2018

In keeping our law enforcement officers and military personnel safe, a proper training facility that prepares them for real life situations is paramount. The importance of realistic and dynamic training environments increases the successful outcome of real time scenarios when split second thinking is necessary. Range Systems Shoot House is taking CQB (Close Quarters Battle) to the next level.

Take a journey through what 2018 offers with dynamic options that are available in this new age of indoor, outdoor and multiplatform ranges. Shoot Houses are custom built and can be configured to take on any training exercise. Imagine the ability to train in real life situations with 360° Firing, Tactical Movement, Breaching, Target Engagement, Target Discrimination, Real-Time & Real-Distance Replication.


The ability to build a customized shoot house with extraordinary design options and various configurations provides real scenario training with live fire. This is how you get the most realistic training possible. To keep up with the ever-changing training needs for the military and law enforcement, the customized shoot house offers both permanent training facility structures as well as modular and expandable, non-permanent live fire training structures that are rapidly deployable.

Here are just a few of the design options shoot houses can implement to create any situation imaginable; multi-levels; ventilated roofs and ceilings; moving walls & doors; observation decks, multiple rooms with stairwells & hallways. And there is one company out there that produces an epic deployable shoot house called S.M.A.S.H.


Standardized-Modular-Armored-Shoot-House or S.M.A.S.Hfor short is a modular and expandable shoot house that meets the demand for deployable, non-permanent live fire training structures.Utilizing standard parts and modular components, S.M.A.S.H. offers a ballistically secure shooting facility that is rapidly deployed, requires virtually no maintenance, and is adaptable to the heavy training requirements demanded by the DoD. S.M.A.S.H. components are interchangeable and reconfigurable to easily create different layouts without the need for heavy material handling equipment.

The SMASH system can endure extreme live firing under all the conditions you can imagine including all the elements weather bring to the table. This system also requires minimal maintenance which translates into more training time and less expense. In fact, due to its affordability and modular design, S.M.A.S.H. is frequently procured with military OPA funds and qualifies as a non-permanent structure for government funding purposes. So check your budgets and GSA schedules and let’s get to training in the safest most dynamic and technical facilities in the world!

Extraordinary Ballistic Capabilities

With years of research of military and law enforcement training facilities, the standard has been set for live fire training shoot houses. If you train at a shoot house with Dura-Panel™ and Dura-Bloc™ ballistic rubber, you’ll be in the safest and most durable range in the industry. This is a unique feature that puts all other shoot houses at a major disadvantage. This amazing ballistic rubber technology virtually eliminates the hazards of ricochet, bullet splatter and significantly reduces airborne lead particulates. So, less money spent on HEPA filters! There are shoot houses at military sites with this rubber technology that have trained well over 100,000 troops with virtually no maintenance costs or downtime during the entire training program. Saving tax payers, a ton cash.

Let’s get more detail on this awesome ballistic rubber technology. It’s amazing how these materials can stop bullets and make training super safe. This patented ballistic rubber utilizes a thick layer of granulated rubber material to safely capture bullets intact with virtually no lead dust or bullet fragmentation while reducing impact noise. This makes for a cleaner, safer range and is perfect for those who want to recover and recycle spent rounds (more money saved!).

Ideal for tactical ranges, these ballistic rubber traps allow shooters to advance downrange and engage targets at extremely close distances with no concern of bullet splatter. The granular rubber bullet trap is a high-volume trap for indoor range as well as outdoor ranges. Compared to other bullet trap designs, the granular trap is easy to install, low cost and has a very low cost of ownership.

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