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How should I pick which school to go to?


Since there are many variables, I’d have to say I’d stick to the basics in this relative order:

1) WHY are you going to school? Too many people go to school for the wrong reason or pick something they will ultimately NOT need or use in the future.

2) WHAT TYPE of certification or degree do you plan to major in, and WHAT LEVEL of certification or degree do you seek?

3) Will you be working while going to school, or will school be full-time? I’m not including a casual part-time job, if you’re attending on a full-time basis.

4) Unless your major is only offered by certain schools, WHERE do you plan to live? Location typically determines availability of schools and programs.

5) What schools or certifications/degrees can you afford with regard to tuition and other costs?

6) Does the school you choose have a strict or relaxed admissions policy? Are entrance exams required? Just because you want to attend a certain school doesn’t mean you’ll meet their admissions or other requirements.

―Robert Schumacher, Marketing Coordinator & Transition Services Specialist, Fort Hood Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program

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