Joni Ernst, the farm-raised Iowan and combat veteran who became a political marvel with her TV ads about hog castration, sported some unusual shoes Tuesday night.

During her live, nationally-televised speech rebutting President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, Ernst wore heels in a camouflage print. As a state senator and a commander in the Iowa Army National Guard, Ernst occasionally had to change out of her suit and heels at the Statehouse to head out to Guard duty.

Ernst, who has been in federal office for just two weeks, is the only first-year Republican senator in history to be tapped for the high-pressure speaking slot, and is also the first Iowan to individually deliver the GOP rebuttal, according to her staff.

Reaction on Twitter to Ernst's camo heels was mixed.

@JaneyMackWriter: "I NEED SOME."

Iowa-born Democrat @ZachWahls tweeted: "I see this less as fashion, and more about her knowing her audience and how to get press."

@Kiley_Girl said: "Hope she uses them to kick some ass."

Melinda from Pittsburgh, @melwedde, tweeted: "We've gotten a preview of the President's suit & the rebuttal senator's shoes. They know what Twitter cares about, that's for sure."

@RussOnPolitics tweeted: "Good Lord! Joni Ernst really wants to play her part tonight as the tough talking sensible shoes. #SOTU."

Des Moines Register online.

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