1864: After the arrival of the Union VI and XVIII Corps and the seizure of some real estate to the west, Confederate troops of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia dug trenches and erected breastworks along a seven-mile front around Cold Harbor.

Also today in history, in the U.S. and elsewhere:

1098: Crusaders took Antioch for the first time.

1763: A band of Chippewa played a lacrosse game in front of Fort Michilimackinac (in what is now Michigan), chased an errant ball into the fort and promptly overpowered the British garrison and captured the fort. Pontiac awarded extra points for creative sneak attacking.

1862: General Robert E. Lee took charge of the battered Confederate forces before Richmond, which was soon reorganized and designated the Army of Northern Virginia.  What to learn more about the Army of Northern Virginia?  Visit HistoryNet.com for more.

1917: Canadian Lieutenant William Avery Bishop of No. 60 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps flew his Nieuport 17 behind German lines to attack an enemy aerodrome, claiming three victories in the process. Although he had no witnesses to the feat, his commander accepted his story, which led to him being awarded the Victoria Cross.