The death toll for rising aviation accidents: 133 troops killed in five years

Amid the latest spike in aviation deaths, a newly published Military Times Crash Database shows manned warplane accidents have jumped 39 percent since the 2013 budget cuts.

Military Times Crash Database

Through multiple Freedom of Information requests, Military Times obtained data for every Class A through Class C aviation mishap that has occurred since fiscal year 2011. More than 7,500 records were obtained. An analysis of the data shows manned warplane accidents have spiked nearly 40 percent since 2013, the year the mandated budget cuts known as sequestration took effect. The records can be searched by aircraft type, base, fiscal year and location.

Aviation mishap rate increasing

According to a Military Times investigation, aviation mishaps across the U.S. military have increased since the onset of sequestration. To understand why, Military Times Pentagon bureau chief Tara Copp talked with Dan Grazier from the Project on Government Oversight. (Jeff Martin and Dustin Q. Diaz/Staff)

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