Army looking for compact semi-auto sniper system

The Army has released the final request for proposal for a 7.62mm NATO compact semi-auto sniper system (CSASS). I saw final because the Army has released several drafts of the requirements document.  In their search for a more compact version of the M100 SASS, the Army's request asks industry to submit either a retrofitted M110 or a completely new compact sniper system that meets the RFP's requirements. The contract value is $44.5m, which works out to between 300-1000 rifle systems assuming an average price of $5000 to $15,000 per rifle system. Keep in mind, the system price includes an optic, suppressor and other accessories.

The requirements include:

  • Flat Dark Earth colored
  • Rifle with rails must weigh less than 9 lbs
  • 16" barrel
  • 36" overall length
  • includes sling, sound suppressor, magnified day optic, soft and hard transport case, magazine pouches, cleaning kit
  • 4-15x day optic (including anti-cant indicator and MRDS mount) shorter than 13.5" and less than 2.5 lbs using a Horus type reticle
  • Removable sound suppressor (including mirage mitigation device) shorter than 8.5", 1.75" diameter and less than 20 ounces

From the Army's draft RFP announcement dated 2/2014 and updated 6/2014:

The CSASS will more effectively execute a broad spectrum of missions than the M110 Semi Automatic Sniper System (SASS). The CSASS will provide the following upgrades: improved reliability, improved accuracy, and improved ergonomics; reduced weight and length; advanced coatings; improved optics; reduced felt recoil; enhanced suppressor performance; enhanced modular rail capabilities; an improved bipod, trigger, pistol grip, and buttstock.

Offerors looking to compete in this requirement have the option to submit no more than two (2) proposal(s) to acquire a new system or to retrofit the existing M110 SASS. The contractor shall manufacture, produce, and support the CSASS. The contractor shall provide for all necessary labor, material, supplies, services, facilities, and equipment to perform the requirements of the Statement of Objectives (SOO) in Section C of the formal Request for Proposal (RFP).

The Government intends to award a single six (6) year Full and Open Competition Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract with Firm Fixed Price Delivery Orders. The minimum ordering obligation is thirty (30) CSASS to be used for Production Qualification Testing/Operational Testing (PQT/OT). The resulting contract shall contain a Base Ordering Period with two (2) Options. The period of performance for the Base Ordering Period will be twenty-four (24) months, during which time PQT/OT will be conducted. Option one (I) will enable additional ordering periods commencing 6 months after contract award and concluding 72 months after contract award. Option one (I) will include production, spare parts, depot support, first article testing, and Instructor and Key Personnel Training (I&KPT). Option two (II) is for the purchase of a technical data package and Government Purpose Rights. The total contract ceiling threshold is $44.5 million, however Option II shall not be included within this threshold.