Otis is proud to announce it was selected by Barrett as the cleaning kit included with their MRAD rifle system as part of the recently awarded Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) System.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Defense awarded Barrett the contract for ASR with its MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) Rifle. Each MRAD delivered under this contract will include an Otis I-MOD Cleaning Kit designed specifically for this weapon platform. The included cleaning kit will clean and maintain 7.62x51mm, .300 Norma Magnum and .338 Norma Magnum.

“We are delighted to continue work with Barrett and assist them with a cleaning kit to complement their unique rifle platform. We look forward to supporting them with cleaning kits as they support our Military in their efforts,” states Greg Essenlohr, Military Sales Manager for Otis Technology.

Otis Technology proudly supplies its weapons maintenance products to the US Military through direct contracts as well as partnering with other manufacturers, such as Barrett to offer a complete solution for the firearm and maintenance gear. Previously, Otis was selected as the cleaning kit included in other contracts held by Barrett such as the M107.

Otis Technology is known for manufacturing the most advanced gun cleaning systems and accessories available. The superior Breech-to-Muzzle design combined with unmatched quality has positioned Otis as the gun care system of choice with the US Military.

Otis Technology is SMART GUN CARE.

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