S&B Watches now A part of HMW Tactical Buyers Club

Greetings, salutations, and felicitations!

We beg your indulgence and a moment of your time to share glad tidings.

Breach-Bang-Clear is proud to announce that S&B Watches is now a part of the HMW Tactical Buyer Club! S&B Watches is a true American watch company headquartered in Sidney, Illinois. They build high-quality sport and tactical watches engineered for performance and rugged style, intended to convert everyone they meet to a watch fanatic. On the range, out on the town, off the grid angling...they likely have a timepiece for you.

The Tactical Buyers Club, or as we call it, "the Bazaar" (not bizarre), is a great, bustling, virtual souk of awesomeness.

It’s an online market where the finest tactical gear in the world can be acquired by our readers and Patreon backers. There one can find unique pricing and purchase opportunities with such outstanding companies and organizations as Tyr Tactical, Raven Concealment, Kinetic Development Group, Thyrm, and dozensmore.

That lineup now includes S&B Watches! We're chuffed, as you can no doubt imagine.

Please join us in welcoming them into the fold.

Now have a fine, nay epic, American day.

Think and be dangerous.

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