No, that’s not a typo. The newly released SIG ammunition that starts with a, "6″ and ends with Creedmoor isn’t 6.5. It’s the lighter weight, higher velocity round.

Designed from inception for ultra long-range shots that require high ballistic coefficients, the 6mm Creedmoor round hasn’t found the same widespread acceptance of its slightly-larger big brother.

Just the same, it is gaining in popularity, so fans of the round will be thrilled that SIG is entering the fray — especially with their high-quality copper ammo. Check out the presser below.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the press release is how the round was designed specifically to run in AR-10 pattern rifles and carbines, making it a very solid choice for varmint-hunters and other small game hunters who like to engage targets at a distance.

Very Cool! Again, this is fantastic news for fans of the caliber, in particular the ones who wish to hunt with it. As for pricing and availability, nothing was officially mentioned yet, but shooters can visit for the latest information.

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