Army Navy Game

Find yourself in the stands at the 2016 Army Navy game

If you're an Army football fan, Saturday's victory over Navy was a welcome change of pace -- and a reason to still be celebrating today. If you'r a Navy fan, you've probably made peace by now with the 21-17 loss to Army. After all, 14 wins in a row is still something to crow about. 

Now's the time to put rivalries aside, and find yourself in the stands. Thanks to FanCam, you can now click here and scope every seat in the house. Can you find yourself or your friends? 

FanCam produces "a composite image created by digitally stitching 100s of individual high-resolution pictures together," the company explains. The Army-Navy composite is about 20 gigapixels. If you're not a mathematician, that means it's pretty freakin' huge. 

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