Unclaimed for six seasons, the extreme obstacle course summit known as Mount Midoriyama finally fell in the "American Ninja Warrior" finale Monday night.

Not just once, but twice.

While none of three remaining competitors with a military background were able to complete the full four-stage course in Las Vegas, pro sports cameraman Geoff Britten was the first person to make it through the 23 obstacles — including a final, grueling, 75-foot rope climb challenge — and lay claim to the competition's $1 million purse.

But his victory was short-lived, as professional rock climber Isaac Caldiero knocked Bitten from his perch with a faster time to snatch the prize money and the first-ever title of American Ninja Warrior.

Caldiero may have to share some of the glory of conquering Midoriyama, but he doesn't have to share the winner-takes-all loot.

Navy Lt. j.g. Dustin McKinney was the only competitor to complete a special military-only semifinals course earlier this year. After a solid run in the first round of the finals, he remained among the favorites to win this year.

With his wife and father-in-law cheering him on from the sidelines in Las Vegas, he launched into the first obstacle of the second round. It was over, however, almost as soon he started the "rope jungle" event, plunging into the water below within six seconds.

Veterans Nathan Tucker and Ryan Stratis didn't fare much better.

"I just rushed, man," McKinney told the waiting cameraman as he was tossed a towel. "I just tried to go too fast."

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