Poll: Did Trump react poorly to the deaths of service members, or is he being vilified?

President Donald Trump’s phone conversation with the widow of a soldier killed in an ambush in Niger has sparked feverish media coverage and debate. This only adds to the controversy over his response to the death of the four soldiers in the Oct. 4 attack.

In his call to offer his condolences to the wife of Sgt. La David Johnson, Trump allegedly said, “But you know he must’ve known what he signed up for.” The conversation was reportedly upsetting for the widow, according to Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson. However, Trump, in a Tweet and White House statement, denied he made such a remark.

Some say Trump’s alleged response was insensitive and inconsiderate,while others say this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

One White House official said, “The president’s conversations with the families of American heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice are private.”

What do you think?

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