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Why aren’t more vets applying to get GI Bill restored?
Last year, about 8,000 veterans got a message in their inbox telling them they may qualify for a new law that restores education benefits to GI Bill users whose schools have abruptly closed. Nine months later, Veterans Affairs Department officials are trying to figure out why fewer than 20 percent have responded — and whether they should be concerned.
Court settlement for former ITT students moves forward
A judge gave preliminary approval Wednesday for former students of ITT Technical Institute to receive a $1.5 billion settlement in bankruptcy court, according to the Harvard Law School Project on Predatory Student Lending, which has been representing a class of students in the case.
What will the Trump era mean for for-profit schools?
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had been on the job four months when she made the announcement that she was delaying enforcement of a borrower defense rule that clarified how students left in the lurch by schools could seek loan forgiveness. She also announced delayed enforcement of gainful employment standards put in place by her predecessors.
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