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A former staff sergeant at Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif., tried to get out of her physical training test by recruiting someone to stab her in the stomach.

A military judge last month sentenced Alison Mona, 61st Communications Squadron, to 90 days in jail and busted her three ranks to an E-2 after she pleaded guilty in a special court-martial to filing a false police report and making two false official statements.

Mona told San Diego police Feb. 27 she was grabbing a smoke outside her house before work when she saw someone standing by her car and decided to check it out, according to the charge sheet. "The person pulled my hair, stabbed me in the stomach and ran off," she reportedly told a detective.

A few days later, on March 6, she offered another account of the stabbing, the charge sheet said. "A man jumped out from the side of the bushes, yanked my hair, pulling my head downward, and shoved what I think was a knife through my side." She gave a description of the alleged assailant: dark hooded sweater, jeans and dark tennis shoes.

Neither version was true, however.

Mona had enlisted someone to stab her "for the purpose of avoiding her Air Force Physical Training Test," according to the charging document. The name of the person who stabbed her was redacted.

Following a two-day sentencing hearing, the military judge sentenced Mona to confinement at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., reduction in rank to E-2, forfeiture of $1,805, and an official reprimand.

Mona could not be reached by phone, said Leslie Jewell, director of public affairs at Los Angeles Air Force Base. Mona declined a written interview request via U.S. mail, Jewell said.

The prosecution and defense attorneys would not comment, per Space Command policy, said Lt. Col. Andy Roake, spokesman for Air Force Space Command.

Mona's commanding officer also couldn't be reached.