Buildings, fighting positions and light vehicles top the list of targets for the more than 3,200 airstrikes that the U.S. and its coalition partners have unleashed on Iraq and Syria since last summer.

Pentagon officials on Wednesday offered a new, detailed breakdown of the Islamic State's assets in the sites of the bombers, fighters and drones that began daily bombing sorties in August.

Of the 3,222 total strikes conducted through Jan. 7, some 980 targeted "buildings/barracks" and 673 were aimed at "fighting positions," according to data from U.S. Central Command.

And dozens of strikes targeted the militants' armored military vehicles, some of them probably American-made, including 184 Humvees, 58 tanks and 26 armored personnel carriers or mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles, also known as MRAPs.

The airstrikes also targeted 14 boats.

Here's the complete list as provided by CENTCOM of Syria/Iraq target types and number of airstrikes:

Tanks — 58

Humvees — 184

Armored personnel carriers/MRAPs — 26

Technical vehicles — 303

Other vehicles — 394

Artillery/AAA/mortar — 79

Staging area — 41

IED positions — 11

Command costs/C2 buildings — 16

Checkpoints — 92

Guard shacks — 17

Other buildings/barracks — 980

Fighting positions — 673

Bunkers — 52

Boats — 14

Stockpiles/caches — 23

Oil infrastructure — 259

Total — 3,222

Andrew Tilghman is the executive editor for Military Times. He is a former Military Times Pentagon reporter and served as a Middle East correspondent for the Stars and Stripes. Before covering the military, he worked as a reporter for the Houston Chronicle in Texas, the Albany Times Union in New York and The Associated Press in Milwaukee.

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