Cyber Caliphate hackers who took over Newsweek's Twitter page this week did not breach Defense Department networks, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

Col. Steve Warren told reporters that the Pentagon has not seen any additional evidence that classified material was released, Talk Radio News reports. Warren also said that the Pentagon has not seen a direct link between Cyber Caliphate and Islamic State militants.

Over 60 names, phone numbers and emails from the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy were released on Newsweek's Twitter page; the list remains posted on Cyber Caliphate's website.

Military Times reached out to dozens of members on the list, who did not respond to requests for comment. Some phone numbers were disconnected, but it is not clear if individuals have disconnected their numbers in light of the breach.

DCITA operates under the Defense Department's Cyber Crime Center, providing training to Defense Department civilians, military personnel and members of federal law enforcement agencies.

The Defense Cyber Crime Center officials told Military Times they are investigating the case and monitoring the situation, but could not comment further. The Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also investigating the hack.

It is also unclear if last month's Twitter hack involving U.S. Central Command and the Newsweek hack are linked, although in both cases hackers took over the accounts' profile and cover images and claimed to have infiltrated sensitive military networks.

"Getting control back of your Twitter account is a cross between the time it takes you to notice someone else has it, and then how long it takes to convince Twitter this is the case and they take action," said cybersecurity expert Peter Singer. "That also shows how the responsibility, frankly like everything in Internet security, is shared across a number of actors," Singer, a senior fellow at New America, told Military Times.

"This is a new threat," Warren said, affirming that the Defense Department has regular communications with Twitter to strengthen its accounts.

"Twitter hasn't been around that long; personnel here in the department who use Twitter have not obviously grown up with it. So this is a part of the new space that we need to keep an eye on."

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