Tanks, buildings and tactical vehicles are among the top targets hit by U.S. and coalition aircraft in the airstrike campaign in Iraq and Syria that is now entering its 10th month.

In all, air-deployed bombs have struck more than 6,000 targets linked to Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, commonly known as ISIS, defense officials said Monday.

The Pentagon offered a new, detailed breakdown of the Islamic State's assets in the sites of the bombers, fighter jets and drones that began daily bombing sorties in August.

Those targets include some 288 American-made Humvees, 77 tanks and 16 aircraft.

According to newly released data from U.S. Central Command, the full list includes:

  • Buildings: 1,779
  • Fighting positions: 1,415
  • Miscellaneous vehicles: 720
  • Technical vehicles: 527
  • Staging areas (including units): 427
  • HMMWVs: 288
  • Checkpoints/offensive positions: 200
  • Oil infrastructure: 152
  • Mortar positions: 124
  • Armored personnel carriers: 98
  • Tanks: 77
  • Weapons caches: 62
  • Boats: 61
  • Anti-aircraft/air defense sites: 59
  • Artillery: 54
  • Bunkers: 138
  • Vehicle-borne IEDs: 55
  • Training camps: 26
  • Aircraft: 16
  • Total: 6,278

Source: U.S. Central Command data, released Monday, May 11, 2015

Andrew Tilghman is the executive editor for Military Times. He is a former Military Times Pentagon reporter and served as a Middle East correspondent for the Stars and Stripes. Before covering the military, he worked as a reporter for the Houston Chronicle in Texas, the Albany Times Union in New York and The Associated Press in Milwaukee.

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