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Navy says more personnel affected by OPM breach

Every sailor, Marine and Navy Department civilian who has completed the SF-86 security questionnaire from 2000 to the present is at risk of having their personal information breached in the cyber theft of highly sensitive data, the Navy Department announced in an ALNAV message released Friday.

The message is the latest detail on the breadth of the hack of records maintained by the Office of Personnel Management. While the implications of the breach are still not fully known, it's clear that this breach is far more dire than was initially acknowledged by OPM, ultimately impacting nearly 7 percent of the U.S. population.

OPM officials say they were breached two separate times, the second breach amounting to the mother of all hacks.

"Significant numbers of current, former, and prospective military members and government civilians, as well as contractors, have been affected," the ALNAV message said. "This additional loss of data affects a much larger group of Department of the Navy members than the incident announced in June."

The information jeopardized includes answers to questions about personal finances, drug and alcohol abuse and other highly personal details used to assess a person's suitability for classified access. OPM has also said that investigative notes attached to the questionnaire may also have been breached.

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