The U.S.-led military coalition battling Combined Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve has taken its the messaging fight against the Islamic State group is expanding its online messaging efforts, launching a new into overdrive, launching a digital hub intended to showcase the campaign's scope and successes, and making more deliberate moves on social media.

The website, for news releases, photos, videos, press and more., launched March 31. It's intended to is an expansion of the task force’s "persistent" web presence, "informing key audiences with accurate and timely information of coalition progress and activities" and complementing the coalition's efforts on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter its preexisting social media, where ISIS has proven relentlessly adept both at luring new fighters to its cause and promoting fear by glamorizing its most gruesome violence presence and "media tools," CJTF-OIR Public Affairs Officer Col. Christopher Garver told Military Times in an email Monday.

The site will house a variety of media, from news releases and relevant numerical data to photos, video and material currently posted only to the coalition's social media feeds. U.S. officials hope the effort will help inform not only the American public, but that of the coalition's 60-plus partner nations.

In conjunction with the site’s launch, the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, as the coalition is known, has also been incorporating boosted the strategic also upped its use of what it's calling strategic hashtags, such asnotablyusing "#onemissionmanynations" and "#NoToDaesh," into its online messaging. in a more recent tweet promoting the website.

"'One Mission Many Nations' is the CJTF-OIR motto and represents the more than 60 partner nations of CJTF-OIR that are committed to the defeat of ISIL,'" Garver said of the first hashtag, which was included in the announcement meme for the website.

Use of the term As for the latter hashtag, the Task Force’s use of "Da’esh" vs. the more common moniker of "ISIS" in reference to the Islamic State group is intended to leverage a part regional colloquialism and take a part jab at ISIS, said Col. Christopher Garver, a spokesman for the coalition explained.

"We use the name Da'esh because our partners in the Middle East refer to ISIS or ISIL as Da'esh," he said. ... "Da'esh is loosely an acronym for the Arabic name of ISIL - al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham." But it’s also a not-so-subtle criticism of the terrorist organization’s actions in the region. "Da'esh is also translated as ‘to trample down and crush’ or ‘bigot who imposes his ideas on others.’" he said. " ISIL does not like the term Da'esh and has outlawed its use in the parts of Iraq and Syria it controls.

"As former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, 'Da'esh hates being referred to by this term, and what they don't like has an instinctive appeal to me.'"

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