If you’re a veteran and don’t know about CLEP, you really should.

The College Level Examination Program offers the chance to earn college credits without having to take classes, potentially saving vets significant time and money. A study found that students who complete at least one CLEP exam increase their likelihood of earning a degree. The exams are free to active-duty service members.

And if that’s not enough: The company behind the test, The College Board, just announced its #CLEPOut Challenge, which comes with a $5,000 grand prize for the winning campus organization.

“We’re trying to increase awareness, but we also recognize that a lot of these campus organizations have financial challenges,” said Bruce Shahbaz, The College Board’s senior director for strategic military initiatives. “We want to be able to do something good for those chapters to be able to help them out.”

To enter the contest, post a 30- to 60-second video to Twitter or Instagram with #CLEPout discussing the role CLEP exams played in your education. The winner will be announced in mid-May through The College Board’s Facebook page.

The first-place selection will receive $5,000, second place gets $3,000 and third place $1,500. The money will go directly to campus military or veterans organizations for whatever they may need.

Shahbaz said he is hoping for 100 submissions from campuses across the country. His goal is to “help get the word out to people so they know this is an option available for them.”

He said he was recently talking to a Marine veteran going through school who had never heard of CLEP. They talked about how a lot of the skills veterans learn in the military — like leadership and personnel management — don’t need to be retaught to them in a classroom back home.

“This particular Marine was like, ‘How come no one told me about this?’” Shahbaz said. “It immediately resonated with him; he just didn’t know about it.”

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