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This week in Congress: House defense budget debates on display

House appropriators will continue their defense budget work this week in advance of the Senate’s return from the holiday recess and the resumption of their draft of the annual defense authorization bill.

Last week, appropriators held a closed hearing on the defense budget but will openly debate their funding plans on Tuesday as part of broader work on the annual federal budget.

Lawmakers remain skeptical that any final bill can be passed before the November elections, but the work now could help speed those efforts at the end of the year.

Also on Tuesday, the House Foriegn Affairs Committee will discuss the importance of international cooperation in confronting the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 135,000 Americans in the last four months.

Tuesday, July 14

House Appropriations — 10 a.m. — 1100 Longworth
Defense appropriations
Committee members will mark up their drafts of appropriations bills covering the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Justice and related agencies.

House Foreign Affairs — 2 p.m. — online hearing
Coronavirus and international cooperation
Outside experts will testify on the need for transatlantic cooperation in dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Wednesday, July 15

House Oversight — noon — online hearing
Cyber security
The committee will discuss the National Cyber Director Act and related issues.

Thursday, July 16

House Homeland Security — 10 a.m. — online hearing
Militia extremists
Outside experts will testify on the threat posed by military extremists and other radical groups.

House Veterans' Affairs — noon — online hearing
Pending legislation
The subcommittee on disability assistance and memorial affairs will discuss pending bills.

Friday, July 17

House Homeland Security — 12:30 p.m. — online hearing
Cyber security
Officials from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission will testify before the committee.

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