A Texas Army National Guard soldier is to be refunded the $200 United Airlines charged him for his overweight bag, according to Dallas News.

1st Lt. John Rader was on his way home after nearly two years deployed to Afghanistan. During his layover in Houston, he was told his bag was too heavy, over the 70-pound weight limit. The gear in his bag included a Kevlar vest, two helmets and his boots. 

United Airlines’ policysays active military members can have up to five bags checked for free, as long as they remain under 70 pounds each. Without another bag to siphon items into, Rader found himself paying the $200 fine.

The airline released a statement on Thursday saying the $200 fine would be reimbursed as a "gesture of goodwill."

Rader said in a Fox 7 reporthe wants to try to change the policy, and he doesn't intend to fly on United again.

"I just want to make sure soldiers are cared for going forward," he said.

Rachael Kalinyak is an editorial intern with Network Solutions.

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